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At a conference in Limpopo students… sometimes called learners although I still don’t get


Desired Mentee Characteristics

  • Interested in learning 

  • Open to feedback 

  • Knows when to seek guidance 

  • Shows initiative/follow through 

  • Contributes to the partnership 

  • Demonstrates drive towards achieving success 

  • Willing to dedicate time 

  • Interested in career advancement (you should not be a mentee if you are just looking for someone to help you get a job) 

  • Be willing to learn 

  • Take initiative – ask questions! 

  • Question topic suggestions: 

  • Helpful books, websites, resources that can help you. 

  • Network resources 

  • Who in their network can they connect you with to help advance you professionally? 

  • Ask if they know anyone hiring 

  • Honor your commitment 

  • Your mentorship will be as valuable as you treat it. Your mentor has volunteered their time to help you, please be respectful of your mentor’s time and of the program. 

  • Expect support, not miracles 

  • Be communicative 

  • Communicate your needs, uncertainties, or challenges clearly 

  • Be receptive 

  • Be willing to receive constructive criticism. Listen both to what is being said and how it is being said. 

Tasks for Mentees

  • Complete JuMP Mentee Profile questionnaire

  • Prepare and share your resume with your mentors 

  • Participate in our chapter's monthly Public Speaking Workshop 

  • You will be automatically registered for the workshop as part of the onboarding process to the JuMP Program 

  • You will be expected to participate in at least 3 workshops 

  • Participate as a volunteer to support our chapter's events and initiatives 

  • Complete JuMP feedback forms 

  • You are REQUIRED to complete the JuMP Feedback form after each session 

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